About SmithCon Construction

SmithCon is the result of hard work, dedication and many years of experience. Erik Smith got his start in concrete construction as a teenager and has been stuck in the business (no pun intended) ever since. The knowledge of concrete construction is something Erik has picked up over the years, but his love for the business has always been there.

Erik Smith had a vision to make SmithCon the best concrete company in the area. Built on communication, quality and efficiency, SmithCon creates long-lasting, durable concrete projects that are executed beautifully.

Concrete and construction are big investments. SmithCon offers competitive prices and great value on all concrete products. The long-lasting, quality products and reputable work give customers a piece of mind that is worth every penny.

Specializing in both commercial & residential, SmithCon is a full service concrete construction company that you can trust.

Past projects Erik has performed include:

  • Intrust Bank Arena-Wichita, Ks
  • WaterWalk Building-Wichita, Ks

Completed Projects

  • Next Level Hoops
  • Crossfirst Bank
  • WSU Student Housing
  • WSU Rhatigan Center
  • WSU Engineering
  • WSU Food Truck Court
  • Lakeside at Waterfront
  • Hinkle Law Building
  • Mark Arts
  • Westar Facility
  • TJ MAx Derby
  • Andover Family Medical Center
  • Iron HOrst Phase 1
  • Wichita Country Club Pool
  • Orizon (Chanute)
  • Kwik Shop 21st and  Oliver
  • Village At Greenwich
  • All Angles K-96 and Greenwich
  • Benton Fire Station
  • Globe Engineering
  • Cargill Bio Diesel
  • BG Products Lab Addition (With Dondlinger)

Jobs in Progress

  • Heartland Cardiology
  • C.O.W. Learning Library
  • City Wichita Central Maintenance Facility
  • Dillions Fuel Station Garden City, KS
  • Bethany College Dorms
  • Foley Dental
  • Sami Halesah Warehouse

A partial list of General Contractors we have performed for:

  • Eby Construction
  • Key Construction
  • Hentzen Contractors
  • Crossland Construction
  • Walz Harman and Huffman
  • SBA Construction
  • Simpson Contracting
  • Compton Construction
  • Utility Contractors Inc.
  • Eakin Enterprises