Decorative Concrete Walls

Our decorative concrete walls are steel-reinforced concrete, many times stronger than brick or masonry. They can be used in various heights and mix beautifully with wrought iron fencing, brick caps, rock or stucco.

Adobe pattern walls are the most versatile concrete wall.   The adobe forms can be formed at heights above 8 feet, which make this pattern ideal when high security walls  are needed.

Textured walls are customized to fit your individual need or look. The variety is only limited to your imagination. Mix and match textured wall with adobe or cobblestone columns.

Cobblestone pattern walls are designed to look authentic and offer the rich look of natural stone. The cobblestone pattern has deep indentations and random sizes of stone to replicate the appearance of hand-laid stone.

Beautiful privacy walls with the strength and durability of steel reinforced concrete. Just like true rock work, both sides of the wall have an authentic stone pattern and our posts feature seamless corners so the finish looks realistic from every angle.

All of our concrete patterns can be used for any retaining walls. Each of our walls are constructed to engineered specifications to withstand the pressure required of a retaining wall.